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Developing The Perfect Blend

There are 2 challenges:
  1. Achieving a high quality taste that is not found in any single coffee.

  2. Achieving a high quality taste similar to a high quality origin coffee
    by using mostly less expensive coffee. A quality taste, at a cheaper price.

To meet our first challenge, we must first get to know the taste characteristics
of many coffees. For example, Kenyan AA is sharply acidic with an intense
flavour and Indonesian Java is spicy, strong flavoured, with low acidity and
full body. The two can complement each other in a blend, achieving
characteristics unlike any single coffee.

For the second challenge, coffees with similar characteristics but at different levels
of excellence are blended. In fact often the blend contains two or more grades
of coffee from the same area. For example, everyone knows (or at least believes)
Colombian coffee is excellent. Colombian Supremo being the top grade but more
expensive than the lower grade Excelso. The question, how much Supremo mixed
with Excelso does it take to come close to the characteristics of pure Supremo?
The cost could be significantly less without sacrificing too much flavour.

Renaissance Coffee Blends are an attempt to achieve quality at an affordable
(or at least fair) price. I think we have achieved our goal; probably, our regular
customers agree.

You too can design your own blends. I suggest you keep several coffees of your
liking on hand. Try blending them in different ratios; if nothing else this will cut
the bordom of drinking the same coffee every day.

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